Letter From The President


Welcome to the Phi Mu Chapter of Delta Delta Delta!


My name is Isabela Greene and I joined Tri Delta two years ago. Growing up I would watch videos of girls going through recruitment; their documented excitement and fun memories were the start of one of my dreams when I was to grow up. After some hardships in high school I was ready to start over. I went into recruitment in hopes of finding a group of girls where I felt like I could finally belong and be my true self. During recruitment it became evident that I truly only felt calm and at peace when I was at Tri Delta’s party. By sisterhood night, I was crying my heart out to one of our girls about how I finally felt like I found a place that I could call home with an unbeatable sisterhood, but was terrified to lose my opportunity to be a part of it. By the time bid day came around I was a nervous wreck all morning, but as soon as I opened that envelope I knew it was all going to finally be okay. Little did I know that this extraordinary organization would leave such a lasting impact on me. Although my time in Tri Delta has been short compared to others it has given me leadership skills, lifelong friendships, joyous memories, a platform to raise awareness for others, and endless opportunities. I am honored, proud, and grateful to be able to call Tri Delta my home. 

You have the potential to be a part of something greater than yourself when you join Delta Delta Delta. We Tri Delta women are deeply committed to supporting St. Jude Children's Research Hospital as our philanthropy. To end childhood cancer, we are working to raise money for children at St. Jude. Each of us holds St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in the highest regard, and it pulls us closer together. Our hearts go out to each and every single St. Jude family. 

As Collegiate Chapter President, I now have the chance and I will do my best to give back everything that the Phi Mu Chapter of Delta Delta Delta has given me. I am fortunate to be a member of this chapter. Not only am I forever grateful for the women of this chapter who inspire and drive me everyday, but I am beyond ecstatic to work and lead alongside them. Everyone contributes something wonderful and distinctive to this chapter, and I can not wait for it to flourish more. I hope you all enjoy browsing our website and discovering more of Phi Mu’s sisterhood!

Delta Love and All of Mine, 

Isabela Greene


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